Brendinn Therapeutics

Brendinn Therapeutics focuses on restoring the brain endothelial dysfunction that underlies neurological diseases. We have identified epigenetic modulators (microRNAs) that directly improve brain endothelial function and have therapeutic potential. Brendinn Therapeutics is now developing its unique and proprietary microRNAs prior to clinical evaluation in neurological diseases.

Scientific concept

The brain is an extraordinary and sensitive organ. Therefore the brain is protected from harmful compounds in the circulation by specialized brain endothelial cells; that form the blood brain barrier (BBB). The brain endothelium is not only essential to protect the brain but also to actively support the brain by providing essential building blocks.


A number of events (e.g. inflammation or reduced perfusion) negatively influence brain endothelial function. Brendinn Therapeutics has discovered that reduced levels of short non-coding RNA molecules (microRNAs) mediate these effects and that restoring microRNA expression levels in dysfunctional brain endothelial cells is beneficial in experimental models.


Brendinn Therapeutics is run by a small but dedicated team with background in neuroscience, molecular biology and product- and business development. The company was founded in 2015.


Brendinn Therapeutics is focused on developing solutions for neurological disorders in which blood-brain barrier dysfunction plays a role. Our focus is on progressive multiple sclerosis. Other indications for future research are vascular dementia, stroke, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s disease and amyothrophic lateral sclerosis.

Brendinn news

Will studying the blood-brain barrier provide new insights into neurodegeneration? Brendinn thinks it will but it is a matter of controversy. Or not?

15 Mar, 2018 admin