About us

Brendinn Therapeutics is a early stage company that originated from the group of Elga de Vries at the VU medical centre Amsterdam. Work in this group unveiled the role of microRNAs in brain endothelial functioning, a finding that was patented shortly thereafter. Further in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo validation demonstrated a clear need for the further commercial development of our therapeutic candidates. Therefore, Brendinn Therapeutics was founded by Wouter Kamphuis and Elga de Vries. Shortly thereafter Yme Alkema joined the team to provide the essential business development experience.

Management TeamDSC04050

  • Yme Alkema (CEO) has extensive international business development experience as well as pre-clinical and clinical project management for RNAi therapeutics. He has taken a number of novel compounds into clinical development before.



  • Prof. Dr. Elga (HE) de Vries PhD (Founder and scientific advisor) is key opinion leader in the field of brain endothelial function relating to Elga de Vriesneurological disorders and has a vast international scientific network.





  • Wouter Kamphuis MASc (COO) has experience in product development and in depth knowledge of microRNAs, brain endothelial biology and its role in neurological disease.




Brendinn Therapeutics is located in the demonstrator labs in Amsterdam, a ten minute drive from Schiphol airport

Boelelaan 1083
1081HV, Amsterdam
the Netherlands.

Contact Brendinn Therapeutics

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