microRNAs; tools for restoring brain endothelial function

Brain endothelial function is controlled and can be modulated at an epigenetic level by microRNAs. MicroRNAs are short non-coding RNA sequences that modify protein expression of several targets at once. Currently, over 2000 unique mature microRNAs have been identified in the human genome, and each microRNA can influence the protein expression of multiple gene targets. Generally, microRNAs are modulators of gene expression rather than on-off switches; they have a subtle but essential mode of action.microrna processing

Brendinn Therapeutics uses human biological material, as we strongly believe starting with patient material is the most relevant approach for drug development. Brendinn Therapeutics has discovered and patented a large number of microRNAs that control brain endothelial function. Moreover, reduced expression levels of identified microRNAs were detected in brain endothelial cells derived from MS patients, underscoring the validity of this approach.

Because microRNAs are expressed endogenously, regulate multiple pathways and can easily be synthesized, they are promising therapeutic agents

We have identified brain endothelial cells as therapeutic target and microRNAs as key regulators thereof. Using this approach we aim to develop novel treatment strategies for diseases in which brain endothelial dysfunction plays a prominent role.

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